Discipleship Pathways

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What are discipleship pathways?

We are all called to make disciples, but we do not always know where to start. There are thousands of books, Bible studies, and curriculums available, but what is best for my situation? The discipleship pathways on this page are a variety of recommended starting places for discipleship groups.

How are discipleship groups different?

Discipleship requires deep relationships that are marked by transparency, accountability, and love. Discipleship groups provide the context for deep covenantal commitment to one another's spiritual growth. Discipleship groups provide a context for asking one another hard questions and giving one another honest answers.

In addition to the pathways below, consider signing a covenant together with your group so that everyone understands the commitment. Click here for sample covenant and sample questions that groups should ask of one another at each meeting. 

How long should discipleship groups stay together?

It is important that discipleship groups do not last forever. Each group should meet together with the goal of one day branching off and discipling others.

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Read the Bible Together
One of the simplest ways to disciple one another is to simply read and discuss the Bible together. But how? Click the link below for a variety of acronyms and strategies for reading the Bible together.
Bible Reading Guides
Read Good Books Together
Great books are great discipling tools. Lean into the wisdom of someone who has studied the Scriptures deeply and bring others along with you. But how do I know if a book is good for discipling? Click the link below for book recommendations arranged by topic.
Recommended Book Reading Guides
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Discuss Sermons Together
Your pastors pour over Scripture every week. They spend up to 20 hours in preparation and then condense their study into a 45 minute sermon. To solidify the teachings, and dive deeper into their implications, consider meeting with a group to discuss the text that was preached on the previous Sunday. Click the button below for a guide.
Discussion Guide
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