Read the Bible together

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There are a couple of things to decide when reading the Bible together as a small group. First, what book of the Bible will you be reading together? How much will you cover each time you meet together? You can pick one book and just read one chapter each time you meet, or you can work through something like our church's reading plan, and just discuss your personal readings from the previous week. You must also decide how you will structure the discussion. Below are possible guides for discussing a passage of Scripture.

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A - Acknowledge your need for God to guide your time.

B - Bring your burdens to one another and to God.

I - Intake the Bible. Read the passage aloud at least twice.

D - Dive deeper with good questions.

  • How do you see the effects of the fall in this passage?
  • How do you see God's redeeming work in this passage?
  • How does this passage speak to your burdens specifically?
  • What does this passage provoke you to pray?

E - Engage with God together in repentance and prayer for one another.

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Seven Arrows of Bible Reading

What does this passage say?

What did this passage mean to its original audience?

What does this passage tell us about man?

What does this passage demand of me?

How does this passage change the way I relate to people?

What does this passage prompt me to pray?

Video training on each of the seven arrows.

Download Seven Arrows Bookmark -.pdf

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Inductive Bible Study Guide

Observation: "What does it say?"

Interpretation: "What does it mean?"

Application: "What should I do in response?"

Prayer: "Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and petition."

For detailed guides see links below:

Bible Study Quick Start Guide.pdf

Bible Study Guide.pdf