St. Rose Students

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We exist to disciple students to love the Lord and make disciples by teaching and living the Gospel.

DISCIPLE - Jesus commissions us to make disciples in Matthew 28:19-20. To disciple someone is simply to help them follow Jesus. 

Disciple to: 

Love the Lord - Jesus teaches that the greatest commandment is to love God in Matthew 22:37-38. Our desire is to help students know God with their minds so that they can love Him their hearts.

Make Disciples - Our desire is that students would feel the responsibility to make disciples of their peers, friends, and family (Matthew 28:19).

Disciple by: 

Teaching the Gospel - Our goal in our student ministry is to form students through the Gospel, to teach all that God has commanded them through His Word (Matthew 28:20).

Living the Gospel - Faith in the Gospel brings about obedience to it (Matthew 28:20). Our goal is to create and foster Gospel fellowship where we welcome, love, and care for one another like Jesus does.

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What We Do:

Wednesday Nights

The Bible says that the early church devoted themselves to the Word. On Wednesdays at 6:30 PM we gather at the church for Bible study and fellowship.

Monthly Hangouts

The Bible says that the early church also devoted themselves to the fellowship. Our regular St. Rose Student hangouts are a way that we do that. This may be an outing at the bowling alley, getting together to watch a movie, or just a game night at the church.

Annual Youth Camp

We go to Youth Camp every summer during the week of July 4th. Youth Camp is a week of worship, Bible study, fellowship, fun, and games.

Annual Youth Retreat

In addition to camp during the summer, we take one trip over a weekend to intensely study the Bible, play games, and grow closer together.

If you have any questions or would like to come or connect your family to get involved with St. Rose Students, get in contact with Pastor Drew O'Neal at