Love the Lord. Make Disciples. Plant Churches.
By His Grace. For His Glory.
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Believe Together
Confessionally Baptistic

Most fundamentally, we are a believing community. We are united by our common faith. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our public services, but every active and serving member has professed their faith through baptism and has affirmed our statement of faith and church covenant.

Statement of Faith Church Covenant
Join Together
Meaningful Church Membership

Church is not just an event you attend. It is a people you join. We are a family of people who have committed our lives to the Lord Jesus and to one another. For believers interested in joining, our membership process follows three steps: a class with one of our members, a conversation with one of our pastors, and a covenant with our church. 

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Grow Together
Expositional Teaching. Congregational Worship. Gospel-Centered Community.

The New Testament church devoted themselves to the apostle's teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the prayers (Acts 2:42). We practically devote ourselves to the word, worship, and fellowship through several avenues of weekly programming.

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GO Together
Local Disciple-Making. Global Disciple-Making. Church Planting.

The mission of God is primarily done through church members who speak the truth of Jesus where they live, work, and play. Every disciple is a disciple-maker. Beyond this every day minsitry of every member, our church makes a concerted effort to the ends of the earth. We are actively involved in disciple-making and church planting efforts in Southeast Louisiana, Southeast Asia, and South America. 

Partners in Mission

We partner with the following organizations in our missional efforts.

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