Our Pastors

It is our conviction that healthy churches are led by a plurality of elders. Some elders are paid by the church to devote themselves more fully to the work of the ministry and others serve in a volunteer capacity teaching God's word, shepherding God's people, and overseeing the affairs of the church. For more info, check out the article, "What is Elder-led Church?"

Brandon Langley

Lead Pastor

Brandon and his wife Anne Marie have been serving the community of St. Rose since January of 2016 when they were sent out by FBC Kenner to start a new church in St. Rose. Since moving here, they've given birth to their son, Owen (2017) and their daughter, Amelia Grace (2020). Brandon holds a B.A. in Christian Studies from Truett-McConnell University, a M.Div. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brandon has a passion for preaching God’s Word, shepherding God’s church, and raising up future ministry leaders. He serves as a full-time staff pastor of St. Rose Community Church.

Drew O'Neal

Associate Pastor

Drew O’Neal and his wife Bethany have been serving at St. Rose Community Church since December of 2017. They have two children; Micah (October 2020) and Campbell (February 2023). Drew has a Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and serves St. Rose Community Church full-time. Bethany works as a nurse in the city of New Orleans. As a staff member, Drew wears many hats. He leads us in musical worship each week, leads the student ministry, teaches a community group, and shepherds the congregation.

Stephen Picard


The Picard family has faithfully served St. Rose Community Church since 2017. Stephen and his wife, Blythe, have a passion for making disciples and especially for international missions. They have both served in a variety of international contexts, but God has providentially led them to our church for such a time as this. Stephen works as an engineer and Blythe is a full-time mom to their three children - Elliot, Evangeline, and Wesley. Stephen is a humble man of God who shepherds well both his family and the church. He serves in a volunteer capacity as one of St. Rose Community Church's elders, offering oversight and pastoral care. We are blessed to call Stephen one of our pastors!

Ray Telschow


Ray and his wife, Kaelin, have been members of St. Rose Community Church since the summer of 2020. Ray has previously served in collegiate ministry and as a senior pastor. His family moved to St. Rose in order for Ray to work full-time as a roofing contractor. Ray is passionate about deep discipleship, teaching the Word of God, and raising up future elders. Kaelin is a full-time mom and homeschools their three children - Merida, Ray Jr, and Rowan. SRCC is grateful to have Ray helping to shepherd the congregation.