What are Training Tracks?

SRCC Training is our theological training and leadership development program. Each semester at least two core classes are offered and at least one elective will be offered at 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings.
If you take a core class each semester for three years, you will have completed the SRCC Training core curriculum. It is recommended that you begin with our beginner courses, but it is not required.

Below, you will find example courses, electives, and residency programs that we offer.  


Core Classes:

Life on Mission - Spiritual Formation - Biblical Theology 1 & 2 - Systematic Theology 1 & 2


Apologetics - Evangelism - Biblical Sexuality - Global Missions - Teaching the Bible - Engaging Roman Catholicism


Sunday Morning Training Tracks

Teacher: Darrin Godbold and Cole Smith

Course Description:

This is where to start! Its our desire that every one take this class as it introduces so many important concepts for our life and mission together as God's people. 


Life on Mission by Dustin Willis

Life in Community by Dustin Willis

What is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever

Teacher: Brandon Langley

Course Description:

Though the Bible contains 66 books written by a variety of authors over the course of thousands of years, it tells one big story. The discipline of Biblical theology helps us to read an understand individual parts of the Bible in light of the larger story God is telling. This training track will give you the tools and practice needed for reading, understanding, and teaching the whole Bible. 

Course Syllabus



Teacher: Austin DeArmond

Course Description:

The Christian faith is a reasonable faith. It's claims can be defended with reason, logic, and even historical evidence. This class will strengthen your faith and equip you to discuss the claims of Christianity with skeptics. 


Kid's need training too! Every semester we offer kid's classes for babies through 5th grade and we are always in need of church members who will commit the semester to training the SRCC kids. Please pray and consider whether God might be leading you to help with Kid's training in the Spring. 

Training Tracks (Spring 2024) - Registration Form
Once you register, a Training Track teacher will contact you with further details.