What is our Residency Program?

Residency programs are more intensive focused programs - some of which provide seminary credit to participants. These residency programs include the NAMB Multiplication Pipeline (for those desiring more intensive discipleship) and our Timothy Track (for aspiring pastors).

These programs include readings, homework, mentorship, and ministry assignments. 

Residency Program

Mid-Week Cohorts

Teacher: Brandon Langley


The North American Mission Board has developed a curriculum for those considering a call to ministry.  They have partnered with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary so that participants can get up to 18 hours of class credit by walking through this curriculum in the context of a local church. Participants will have weekly homework assignments and readings. Topics covered include biblical literacy, evangelism, leadership, spiritual giftings, and ministry calling. 

When will we meet?

Meeting times will be determined by the availability of the individuals in the cohort. If possible, the meeting time will happen early in the morning mid-week at a central location. 

Who can join?

This residency is designed for seminary students to get course credit, but you do not have to be enrolled in seminary to benefit from this more intensive season of discipleship. Any church member of SRCC is welcome to commit to this discipleship opportunity. 

Teacher: Brandon Langley


This residency program is specifically for the man who is wrestling with a potential aspiration to pastoral ministry. Each book and weekly discussion will aim at helping participants meet the Biblical qualifications for eldership, understand what the role and ministry of an elder is, and discern whether God may be leading them to pursue pastoral ministry. 

When will we meet?

Meeting times will depend on the schedules of those who join the cohort .

Who can join Timothy Track?

This track is reserved for men wrestling with a potential calling to Biblical eldership, and who have participated in at least two years of training tracks at SRCC. Some participants may be considered if they have completed at least two years of similar theological training elsewhere.

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